It is the concrete belief of the Management that the effectiveness of the Ancient Gurukul System of education is valid and appropriate for the present day of life as well. So it envisages the revival of the Gurukul system and modifies it to suit the modern way of life and the current demands of the society. So as the first step of measure, the management devised techniques that can implant self-discipline and responsibility among the students at the childhood itself so that, when developed in suitable platform, they become self-realized personalities who contribute to the bright future of the nation and even to the world. These techniques are being adopted in The Divine Nursery & Primary School.

The Divine Nursery & Primary School established in 1986 serves as a powerful vehicle to spread the message of Real Education. Though the process of initiating a person to perform ‘Kundalini Yoga’ starts only at the age of 18, the student are taught the real life lessons modulating the “Gurukul System of Education”, the root of everlasting “Universal Wisdom”. Apart from the conventional curriculum, students are provided with strong foundation in learning about religion, tradition, culture, philosophy of life, ways to develop self discipline, responsibility and courage, Yoga for health and Happiness, right attitude towards the society, ambition and goal setting, leadership etc right from primary schooling. The school believes more in creating complete Human Being rather to create memory packed students. The school doesn’t preach any religion or support any belief but it teaches the students the most successful traditional way of life that has prevailed and practiced in the country for millions of years.

Principal Message

"The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you"

The school has arrived to such a great level of celebrating silver jubilee(1986-2011) 3 years ahead on the foundation of the gracious divine holy blessings of Gurumahaan with fullest support,co-operation,dedication & sacrifice of so many generous noble blissful hearts expecting nothing in return but only the development of school.

This courageous journey isn’t a destination but the beginning of a journey of perusing real education as said by Swami Vivekanandha “Call up the divinity within you”.Being the children of Divine all children & teachers observe one minute silence every day in each class hours & enhance the inner potentiality to put into practice and experience the best outcomes.

Universal reformation through individual transformation can be possible by observing the way that our Gurumahaan shows.The question that always arises in my mind is, if I could succeed with the help of my dedicated staff, then why not my students? My answer to this question is always YES! To achieve success, my belief is Dream Big, Think Differently, Focus Intensely, Work Consistently and Learn from the past failures. So our school in its journey plays a very vital part in making successful global champions. All that we expect from our Divine parents is to do a continuous follow-up of your child’s progress in all his/her endeavours. 

In this electronic and fast-paced age of competition, children are achieving very high distinctions, but the greatest support they require from you parents in insisting human values, Indian culture and heritage, the secret of hard work and achieving ethical success thus creating a happy and successful life. This can be done only by parents and the institution. We are ready. I hope you are ready too.  We follow Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation to reduce the workload and improve the overall skill and ability.

Come let us join together and start … our journey.


“Call up the divinity within you”

The School aims to build up children with good conduct and character in the tenets of Indian culture and patriotism through standard education. Self realization is the true aim of education. Parents who intend to give spiritual based education to achieve this true aim opt to admit their children in our school in order to inculcate discipline which is the key for success in life.



The Motto signifies to see the insert talents and wisdom of the students adequately generated, protected and manifested to the highest potential.

“TRUST THYSELF” – Mantra for each soul

This is the fundamental mantra of the School. “Each soul is potentially divine”. This Divine Power alone forms the cause and effect and rules one’s self and the entire Universe. To have trust in one’s own self paves the ways for better understanding and self realization.